Spend Your Tax Return Wisely: How to Save Money While Remodeling Your Kitchen

Thinking about spending this year's tax return on your dream kitchen? The average cost for a kitchen remodel is around $25,000. If you are looking for a high-end look without the high-end price tag, we have ideas for you.

So, where does the kitchen remodel budget usually go? The most expensive part of any kitchen remodel is typically the cabinets followed by appliances, then countertops. Read on to find out how you can save money during your remodel.

Work with the existing layout

Moving electrical, plumbing and gas lines can be very expensive. Keeping as close to the existing layout as possible will save you big dollars. Contact a local interior design company to help you maximize the layout you currently have and find creative solutions to design flaws. For a small price, a professional designer can help you save big dollars.

Save on cabinetry

Open shelving adds a modern look and texture to any kitchen. The best part about open shelving is it saves a lot of money on cabinets. Shelving comes in a variety of styles to match any design.

Purchasing fewer cabinets is a sure way to save money. Purchasing drawer cabinets will give you more storage access and may help decrease the number of cabinets you need. Buy more drawer cabinets than door cabinets and make sure to buy one large pantry cabinet with pullout drawers. Spending more on the right type of cabinet space saves you money. Avoid corner cabinets as these usually come with a hefty price tag and provide poor access to storage.

Another great way to save on cabinetry is on cabinet construction. Most people would struggle to tell the difference between today's veneer cabinets vs solid wood cabinets if placed side by side. There are a lot of great medium-priced cabinets on the market that look expensive. If you can do without full door overlay that is another great way to save on cabinets. I find if your design is good enough you don't notice the finer details like solid wood and full overlay.

Buy discounted appliances

Check your local appliance store. Some local big-box stores [like Lowes or Home Depot] allow customers to return new appliances and then the store resells them steeply discounted. Often there is nothing wrong with the appliance and it still comes with a manufacturer warranty. We got a stainless steel Whirlpool refrigerator for $999. The exact model was on sale brand-new in the same store for $2700. After a little cleaning, it looks perfect and we have had it for three years with no problems. Another great way to save money on appliances is by buying discontinued or floor models.

Saving on countertops

I strongly recommend avoiding laminate at all costs. There are far better ways to save money on a kitchen remodel in my opinion. That doesn't mean that you need to blow your budget on countertops though. Shop around for sales and remnants. Choose a countertop that is easy upkeep and waterproof like quartz.

Affordable tile

Tile options are seemingly endless. There are a lot of very affordable tile choices. My best advice is to shop around. Tile can add texture and style to your kitchen at a very budget- friendly price. A great tile choice can make a kitchen full of mid-range cabinets and appliances look high-end.

Lighting and hardware

My advice is to shop on Amazon. I find that lighting and hardware tend to be very overpriced at our local big-box stores. Check out these items we purchased from Amazon for our kitchen remodel.

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