Add These Home Maintenance Winter Weather To-Do’s to Your New Year's Resolutions

Tips from a handyman contractor on how to prepare yourself and your home for winter weather.

As we know, this January marks the beginning of not just another new year, but a whole new decade. While most of us are focusing on getting back in shape after the onslaught of Christmas cookies, or still recovering from that New Years Eve party, we tend to forget one of the most important parts of our lives: Our homes.

Preparing your home for the winter weather doesn’t need to be difficult. Being prepared, keeping your driveway free and clear of snow, and making sure gutters are clear and ready for winter storms can help save you money upfront and protect you from costly repairs later.

Prepare Yourself for Winter Weather

To ensure you stay safe and warm while protecting your home during winter weather, be sure to have appropriate footwear. Look for snow boots that are waterproof and have rubber tread to keep you dry and give you traction.

Keep Updated on Weather to Stay Prepared

Get winter weather updates so you can plan ahead. Check your local weather forecast to make sure you aren't the last person in line at the store for snow shovels!

Keep Walkways and Driveways Clear

Use a snow shovel or snow blower for DIY snow removal. When snow accumulation is more than you can handle, make others do it for you. Always hire a professional who is licensed, bonded, and insured. Consider taking a picture of your driveway before it snows to give to the professional and mark the edge of the driveway to delineate the plow area.


De-icing is the process of removing ice or frost a surface. De-icing of driveways and sidewalks is most often done with salt. Homeowners should proceed with caution when using salt for driveways and sidewalks made of concrete. Salt can damage the concrete and make for a costly repair. Homeowners should also be aware that depending on the concentration, some salts may be toxic to plants or animals.

Gutter Cleaning

Whether you DIY or MODIFY, gutter cleaning is a critical to-do in order to prevent future water damage. DIYers afraid of heights might consider using a wet dry vacuum with a gutter cleaning kit. For best results we recommend making others do it for you while you stay warm and cozy inside.

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